Tuesday, 12. August Genolhac - St. Affrique

Length of Stage 165 km
Altitude to climb 2700 m

We have an excellent sleep. Breakfast is served on the terrace in the sun and once more the kindness in this hotel is overwhelming. On the road again, the long ascent to the Col Berthel, which started already last night, continues. We have a fantastic view towards the Rhône-Valley and Mont Ventoux. After we reach the Top the ride down is just as long to the source of the river Tarn. We follow the still small river until Florac where we enjoy a food-stop with a lot of other tourists. A not so long, but very steep climb gets us to the plateau. Now we can bike 30 kilometers through the Causse Mejac: a hilly countryside with many, many chestnut trees and a real dream street. An airport with a lot of sailers and we already start to lose some high as the river Tarn comes closer. A boarder edge and the Gorges du Tarn appears below us. Absolutely great! A narrow street with a lot of sharp turns brings us down to the river. It’s picnic time now, so we find a nice place at a rapids, fill our stomachs and watch the canoes, sunbathers and swimmers. As we arrive in Millau, Alois finds a Garage and can finally give the bicycles the necessary attention = wash! On our very clean bikes we cycle through the valley du Tarn. The countryside is changing now: it is idyllic and peaceful in contrast to the rough and spectacular Gorges du Tarn. In St. Rome we take a short coke stop, ride again ten kilometers uphill, and finally enjoy a fantastic ride down to St. Affrique. In a small hotel we find a room and later have a specialty of this region (= Roquefortcheese) for dinner.