Saturday, 16. August Seo de Urgel - Manresa

Length of Stage 148 km
Altitude to climb 3050 m

Spanish breakfast as we know it already: Croissants and excellent coffee. To digest this „huge" meal before leaving, we have a nice walk through the vegetable market in the no longer closed city. On our way out of Seo de Urgel we meet some cross-country bladers and then a beautiful ascent begins. After about two hours we find a nice picnic bench and are ready for a second breakfast. Good idea to buy some coke, bread and cheese! We have a chat with a German mountainbiker who misses his race bike. We have to climb up some more from here and then a marvelous downhill ride towards Tuixen begins. Just shortly before the village the paved street disappears and what’s left are stones and dirt. „The Lady" doesn’t like it very much, and starts walking since she is afraid to fall. Luckily it is only for about one kilometer! In the far distance on a hill we can see a street and we can hardly believe it, but about an hour later we have a break at the Col de Port, on top of this very hill. Again, we enjoy a long and most beautiful descent to St. Laurent. We are still in the Sierra Cadi and up it goes again to Col de Jou: bikers dream, is all we can say! From here we slowly lose height on the Mountain Ridge and are wondering if the Rocks in the distance already belong to Montserrat. A short coke stop in Solsona and on a rather big street by our standards we speed in the direction of Manrese. Thanks to a truck who lost part of his load on a bridge, most of the time there is not much traffic - only bikers were able to pass. In a little Hostal we find a tiny room, stroll through the pedestrian precinct and to round up a beautiful day have a brandy at the hotel bar. We must be in Spain: the glass is well filled! And the chat with an English couple is most amusing.