Sunday, 17. August Manresa - Barcelona

Length of Stage 102 km
Altitude to climb 1858 m

No-one is up in the Hotel as we leave (that’s why we had to pay cash in advance), so we have the usual „Bar"-breakfast. On the road again we are biking uphill, downhill, with the mountains of Montserrat always ahead of us. The rocks are getting more and more impressive and after each curve one should take a picture. As we reach the top of a col the street continues parallel to the Rocks: hopefully we don’t get a stiff neck from all this turning! The last kilometer uphill we bike through a „Mega" car park and, are in front of the cloister. Here we exchange bike- against jogging-shoes and have a nice walk in and around the monastery. For Lunch we settle on the Terrasse of one of the self-service Restaurants and enjoy the beautiful sight from high above. We continue our journey, bike easily down along the rocks and on a big road (for us) travel on to Terrassa, Rubi and Sant Cugat. Here we rest again and then are ready for the ascent to the Tibidabo = a gigantic amusement park. At this point, high above Barcelona with a beautiful sight over all of the city, we allow ourselves the first ice cream of the day. Then down it goes, across part of the Town, bike a little bit on the highway and finally arrive at the airport. Iberia is fully booked, means we have to fly Swissair. Close by we find a Hotel where we can store our bikes away and get ready for the night life of Barcelona. A nice way to finish an absolutely great trip!